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A Time Haiku

  A Time Haiku time ticks, time flows on time tocks, the weekend is gone art’s done; not laundry ©M. LaFreniere, 2022 I am getting my ai artwork done — you’d think it’d be fast, […]

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A Haiku : Looking for a Hero

  A Haunted Haiku : Looking for a Hero looking for a hero don’t need Superman or Thor just a man’s good heart ©M. LaFreniere, 2022 I thought about how sometimes we’re searching for a […]

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A Haunted Haiku : Rusted Memories

  A Haunted Haiku : Rusted Memories long dead, rusted car a storm of wires reach out tangled memories ©M. LaFreniere, 2022   Artbreeder Ok, I’m officially obsessed but you knew that right?  Instagram has […]

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Hanging out with a friendly monster

A Dream Haiku: Dreaming of Monsters

©Cayla Catz, 2020 A Dream Haiku Dreaming of monsters Hanging out, writing poems Mismatched but the same ©M. LaFreniere, 2022 Image above is by Cayla Catz from Second Life. At MindLoveMisery, Paula’s prompt today is […]