Using Haiku or Poetry to make AI Art : Dream by Wombo AI Art Tutorial


Using Haiku or Poetry to make AI Art

One problem poets who blog often have is finding copy-right free images to go with their words. Well, there is a solution for that! AI art generators.

Over the next few Sundays, I’m going to do tutorials on AI art generators and how to use them with haiku or poetry to create copyright-free pictures.

I’ve been using Artbreeder (collage section), Stableboost, MIdjourney and Dream by Wombo. They all have a free version with limitations and paid versions that offer benefits. So each Sunday I’ll go over one AI generator.

Dream by Wombo AI Art / Poetry Tutorial

prompt box

1. Type in your poem in the prompt box. AIs don’t understand carriage returns so you will use commas to separate your lines. if you don’t the last word of each line and the first word of every line will merge as in “joyHow”

Writing is a joy
How can I illustrate it?
The AI loves words

is changed into AI friendly

Writing is a joy, How can I illustrate it?, The AI loves words

If you want to add more description words just add a comma and your birds.  For example, I might add “, pen, paper, typewriter.” to try to get those items into the picture as well as my haiku.  Today I am only doing the haiku.

The writing haiku in “Cartoonist” style. I had to hit the “Generate Again” button as I didn’t like the first one.

2. Click on the art style like “Cartoonist” or “Gouache” or “Surreal” or whatever. They have a lot to choose from and seem to be regularly adding more.

  • If you’re on a phone, just swipe down to see the lower ones.
  • If you’re on the web, use your scroll button on your mouse to see the lower ones.
  • If you’re on the web and don’t have a mouse with a scroll button, click your mouse between the choices like between “Flora” and “Diorama” and then use “Page Down” to see the lower selection.

3. Click the “Create” button.

To the right, I chose “Cartoonist” for my haiku. To the left, I chose “Realistic”

  1. Action choices with the result:
  • If you don’t like the result but want to see something else in the same style, click the “generate again” button. My result with the “Wuhtercuhler” style to the right showing the “generate again” button.
  • If you don’t like the result and want to try a different style, click “back to creation” in the top left corner.
  • If you like the result, click download. Dream then saves it to my download folder as “Dream_TradingCard”. Since I don’t use Dream on a phone, I don’t know where it saves. I’m assuming in the download folder. Dream does put it’s name and logo on the trading card.  Most other AI generators download just the image, no logo, no text.
  • If you want to publish the result, put a title in “Name Artwork” and tags you might like and hit the “Publish” button. This does two things. One, this will save the picture into your gallery under your profile. Two, you will be taken to another page with more options.  Your trading card will change a little. Below your title will be “Prompt: your poem or whatever words you put in”. There is the “download” button again.  There is also a “Share” button where you can copy a link to the image, or share it to Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. A “Print Artwork” takes you to a shopping cart where you can buy poster size versions of just your artwork without the trading card background. The prices seemed reasonable.
  • I used the same haiku prompt but with the “steampunk” style and the AI game me this library

Optional: Add an image into the mix

Along with your words, you can add a reference picture for the AI to factor into the results.After you have filled your prompt box and clicked the art style, there is one more step.

  • Scroll below the art styles until you see “Input Image (optional)”
  • Click “Upload Image”. Choose the image you want from your computer.
  • Hit “Create”.

If you change your mind about using the image after uploading it, click the x in the upper right hand corner.

Do give Dream by Wombo credit if you use the image

For my blog, I don’t care for the trading card look although I do find Dream’s images fun and you get results in different types of styles pretty quickly. Usually, I hit the “download”  button, view the trading card image in Chrome or Firefox, then use the snipping tool to cut out the image and save just the image to use in my blog. If you do that though, it is important to say created with “Dream by Wombo” or something to that affect. In exchange for using their software, they want attribution which is fair. Think of them as your collaborator — together you make the image so together you should share credit.

I read that if you use it on your phone, if you hit the download button and save it as a phone background, you get just the artwork and not the trading card background.

Same haiku but with the “flora” art style. Yeah, I don’t get it either but it looks cool.

Do I own the copyright to the image I made with my words?

Do you own the copyright to the image? Well, yes and no. Here is the relevant section of their agreement:

Users own all artworks created by users with assistance of the Service, including all related copyrights and other intellectual property rights (if applicable). Users must, as individuals or in a group, contribute creative expression in conjunction with use of the Service, such as in creating or selecting prompts or user inputs to use with the tools offered by the Service. Users acknowledge that artworks generated without creative expression from the user may not be eligible for copyright protection. 

Regardless of the creativity of users, WOMBO cannot guarantee the uniqueness, originality, or quality, or the availability or extent of copyright protection for any artwork created by users with assistance of the Service. 

You hereby grant WOMBO a worldwide, non-exclusive , non-sublicensable, royalty-free license to copy, reproduce, and display artworks you create using the Service for promotional purposes on the Service.

So basically that says yes you own the copyright to the picture unless you accidentally created the exact same picture that is already in existence by someone else. Also it says Wombo can use your picture for free.  I’m not sure but I think if you click the “publish” button, it gets saved to their database.

What about the NFT button?  I don’t know. I haven’t tried it. I don’t know how much it costs or how it sets up the contract. Contracts are immutable so I do have a question about how it sets up the royalty. What percentage is the royalty and does it all got to you or is it split between you and Wombo or does it all go to Wombo? When minting, Wombo does ask to connect with your nft/crypto wallet to deliver your nft. It costs money to mint a nft  and when you make it matters as gas prices vary a lot during the day.  If someone has created a nft in Wombo, I’d love to hear about the costs and their experience.

How much is Dream by Wombo?

Free. I started with this one because it’s totally free as of 11/27/2022.

Dream of Wombo Review


  • Very easy to use
  • Free
  • Adds new art styles on regularly
  • Can order a large print of your image to hang on your wall
  • Can use on your phone or a web browser


  • Limits character space to 200 characters in the prompt box
  • Downloads image as trading cards with Dream by Wombo prominenetly featured but doesn’t credit the collaborating writer/artist. Yes, some people won’t want their name on it but some might.  It should be an option if they are giving you a trading card.
  • Putting the prompt on the trading card should also be an option.  Some people like to keep their prompts private.

The End

Hope this tutorial helped you. I’d love to see the art you make with your poetry/haiku. Post a link into the comments if you want of your poetry art made with Dream by Wombo. Links in comments are moderated but I will check it out and if you’re legit, I’ll approve it.  I have to do this for linked comments because otherwise the comments would be filled with spammers selling performance drugs.