A Haiku : Looking for a Hero


A Haunted Haiku : Looking for a Hero

looking for a hero
don’t need Superman or Thor
just a man’s good heart

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

I thought about how sometimes we’re searching for a hero, for someone bigger than life, when what we really need is a man of good heart, who has the courage to stand up for what’s right.

Yesterday I voted and I’m worried about the result. It may be a couple of days before we find out how we did in my state. Too many people mistake flash for substance; they mistake the ability to manipulate twitter for intelligence. I voted yesterday and I’m worried that too many people will vote for the loony woman in a smart outfit versus the smart woman who has integrity and cares about the people in this state. The race is close and can go either way.

My Instagram feed

I am frustrated with Instagram at the moment.  The above picture had the first line of my poem in the prompt with some descriptors and was inspired by monai’s November daily challenge #aidaytonovember Nov 10th day prompt of “hero” and the #glowvember2022  of “black and white”. I included the tags but when I posted, Instagram did not put my image into any of the tagged groups. GAH!!!

Honestly, Instagram is much more Pavlov’s reinforcement. I post, it goes into groups, I get likes.  I like getting likes so I do it again. Blogging is like in-between writing solo, hanging out with friends and Instagram.  Blog hops operate a lot like Instagram, you like a bunch of strangers’ efforts and they like you but may never visit again.  A few people hang out and start creating conversations with you. But mostly, you are writing to yourself, for yourself and hoping maybe, just maybe you may accidentally create something meaningful that resonates even without anyone reading it.  Blogging is very Emily Dickinson, quietly scribbling reams of poetry — well, in my case haiku.


Initially, my haiku had a different second line. It read “don’t need Superman or Flash”. I changed Flash to Thor to give Marvel equal time to DC. So that initial haiku generated this image. I just realized having Flash in there would have fit my mild rant against flash versus substance in politics.