A Haunted Haiku : Rusted Memories


A Haunted Haiku : Rusted Memories

long dead, rusted car
a storm of wires reach out
tangled memories

©M. LaFreniere, 2022



Ok, I’m officially obsessed but you knew that right?  Instagram has an active ai art community #aiartcommunity meaning there are challenges and I got caught up in them.  First there was a 5-day daily challenge. A song was designated and you make the AI picture inspired the song or just listening to the song.

Then along came monai’s November daily challenge #aidaytonovember with single word prompts like sleep and rust.  And now nick has a 2 week challenge Glowvember #glowvember2022 based on a color a day to inspire you..  Aiii, yaiii, yai.

Initially I’d write my haiku and plop it into the box and make a picture from the haiku words.  Now it’s flipped. I plop words based on an image I sorta have in mind, choose a result I like and then write a haiku off of it.

Plus I’m running tests to see the effect of words. Like I took a short paragraph from a bit of writing of someone else, add an art medium and an artist — the AI will attempt to make something between the 3.   Then I’ll start tweaking words.

The AI gets things wrong. Try putting a guy and a gal on a surfboard and you might get a guy in a bikini and 4 arms.  I’ve done that, lol. It’s hilarious.  Or you get a kraken rusted into a car. I wanted a rusted car, not a rusted kraken, lol.

You see where the tentacle hits the roof of the car, look closely: they are merged together, lol. And I think that is a tentacle tire. I love that the AI does this; it’s like weird dream images. Can you write a haiku to a rusted kraken? Wouldn’t that be fun.