A Haunted Haiku : Gotta dance

A Haunted Haiku : Gotta Dance

don’t lock the coffin
bury me in my mauve hat
dancing afterlife

©M. LaFreniere, 2022



Artbreeder Haiku

After I dropped the following haiku from October 24 into Artbreeder, and a Second Life image into the empty graphics box, Artbreeder and I generated the above image.  This haiku and the second life image from that post generated a lot of cool images.

Dancing skeleton
Campfires and ghost stories
Happy Halloween

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

However I thought, I should see what happens when I put in the haiku I created today. Shall we see?

Not today, darn. No new mauve hat images.  It is a beta program so sometimes they fix something and sometimes something fixes them. So Instead I will bring you a couple more images from the campfire haiku.

interesection between artbreeder , a second life photo and my haiku

The next one is the campfire haiku again but i put word cartoon in front. I’ve found if I put a style word like cartoon, Picasso, abstract, etc, in the front of the text I plop in there, it generally makes something in something like the style name. Although I don’t know if that’s cheating because the ones above only used my haiku. Am I a purist?  Nah.  Besides, this one would make a good coloring page, I thought.

intersection between Artbreeder and my haiku

Happy Halloween