A Cookie Haiku: Frosted Cookies — well almost

A Cookie Haiku

Cookies and coffee
Cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg
Frosted pumpkins — Yum!

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve done a coffee haiku but Sketching Words inspired me with her pumpkin spice haiku.

Artbreeder Haiku

The top photo was created by the intersection between Artbreeder and my haiku.  I was hoping to get a frosted pumpkin cookie with a coffee but no luck with the haiku.  I got a lot of cookies, some pumpkins and only a couple of coffees.  All those cookies made me hungry.

Here’s one where the pumpkin came out frosted in what looks like cinnamon sugar.  Um, a real pumpkin; not a cookie, or a bread, or a pie! What was the computer thinking? Although it did dropped in some chocolate chip cookies. Looks at it again.  Well, maybe it’s a pumpkin confection? I’d have to take a bite to be sure.

artbreeder image with my haiku resulting in a frosted pumpkin

Reroll, same haiku. This time I got pumpkin-colored frosting on a cute little ghost cookie. Also I see anise which I did not put in my haiku.  Still those cookies look yummy!

pumpkin colored frosting on a ghost cookie, image generated by my haiku and artbreeder

Dream app Haiku

Now here we try the same haiku in the Dream app by Wombo

“Realism” dished up a yummy looking chocolate chip cookie with a tiny pumpkin. Too many cookie pictures! It’s either time to bake or hit a bakery.

cookies and pumpkin picture from dream ai by wombo using my coffee haiku

I tried it several times in Realism but all I got were cookies and no coffee.  I did get milk once.  So I tried it in “Analog” and finally got my coffee.

AI Day to November

The inspiration for the haiku was from the AI Day to November calendar on Instagram where people are posting AI instagrams each day for November. I am in a hurry to post this so I can get my instagram post up before the 29th is over.  Rushing the deadline as usual.