A Sci-fi Haiku: Classics will never go out of style

©Cayla Catz, 2020

A Sci-fi Haiku: Classics never go out of style

Hamburgers, diners
Perky robot waitresses
Never out of style

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

Image above is by Cayla Catz from Second Life.

I imagine we’ll be chomping down on hamburgers on Rigel XII with a chocolate shake to go. Yeah, maybe they’ll be kelpbased or reconstituted protein due to the exigencies of off-planet living.  Or hamburgers might be legendary driving people to make Earth a retro-foodie mecca that everyone yearns to visit at least once in their lifetime. Or maybe Earth will be destroyed by well-meaning aliens bent on building another space mall with a lone Terran hitchhiker mourning the passing of the last diner.

But me, myself, today? I’m off to Sonic where servers still skate to cars bringing fresh burgers and steaming hot tater tots. So American Graffiti, but I love it.  Some classics should never die.

Artbreeder Haiku

This one was a toughie for Artbreeder. Mostly what I got was b&w retro diner scenes but by dint of rerolling, I did find a couple of robots in the diner.  I’m a little worried about the first robot, though.  I think she’s foarming at the mouth, about to have a breakdown.  Shades of iRobot! Her sister robot is looking worriedly on.

Artbreeder imaging using my scifi diner haiku

Reroll, same haiku. Do you want some of of the daily special: noodle dime soup. It has extra nickle in it!

Artbreeder imaging using my scifi diner haiku rerolled

Dream app Haiku

As I said in my last post, Debbie at Imaginarium Fantastical introduced me to Dream app by Wombo which is another AI art web/phone based app. So once again the haiku becomes an image.  I tried “cartoonist” again but it didn’t work out.

“Retro Futurism” did serve me up this perky robot waitress.  She looks just like a toy I used to play with as a kid but I don’t remember the toy’s name.

scifi diner picture from dream ai by wombo using my monster haiku

Then “Meme” art genre created a trading card series of robot waitresses. While it’s obvious the models are made by the same manufacturer, I do see that the years have brought different robot series in fashion. Now who would think making a robot with a hole in it’s head was a good idea? Yet I’m sure it sold well.  I know a few people with a warped sense of humor that would snap one up.

scifi diner picture by Dream app in Bad Trip art style by wombo using my monster haiku


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