A Steampunk Haiku: Halfway to the Moon

©Cayla Catz, 2020

A Steampunk Haiku

Halfway to the moon
Jules Verne showed us the way there
Steaming clanking dreams

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

Image above is by Cayla Catz from Second Life.

Artbreeder Haiku

I dropped the haiku into Artbreeder, and with the empty graphics box, I got

Artbreeder imaging using my steampunk haiku

Reroll, same haiku, new result:

Artbreeder imaging using my steampunk haiku rerolled

Who is your favorite steampunk or fantasy writer?

Tourmaline, who specializes in some very cool toy photography, publishes an October calendar of prompts. The 26th is moon.  You can do an image, a poem or a bit of writing. It’s about midway in her post.  You can scroll down to see links to other people who are participating.