Haiku : Cracked mirrors and pink mares

MindLoveMisery Menagerie Lisa’s Monday Wordle Challenge

The challenge is from a list of 12 words, make a poem.  12 is a lot for haiku so maybe 2?

tossing cracked mirror
unceasing creaking clock tocks
after troubled dawn

outside the hill’s brow
willing I am to climb stairs
clouds — pink mares and hares

©M. LaFreniere, 2022

12 words to use:  mirror, toss/tossing, troubled, clock, dawn, after, willing, unceasing, stairs, brow, turning, creaking from Lisa Wordle #293 (see the results of other poets responding to the prompt there)

Artbreeder Haiku

In Artbreeder.com, I am putting the 2nd haiku words and no image into the collage section’s AI box to see what I get. I had to reroll a few times until I got something I liked. Since there are two haikus, I did two images

troubled clock

pink clouds