Da Vinci’s advice to artists : Nature

I love finding books in thrift stores.  I found a treasure orginally published in 1974 (2nd printing 1990), Leonardo da Vinci’s Advice to Artists, edited and annotated by Emery Kelen.

Da Vinci’s advice to artists : Nature

Leonardo writes:

“Consult Nature in everything and write it all down.  Whoever thinks he can remember the infinite teachings of Nature flatters himself. Memory is not that huge.”

I love that.  It reminds me of the zen saying “ichigo ichie” meaning every (each) time is the first time. Someone who thinks seeing a sunset or a rose means they’ve seen them all isn’t paying attention.  Each sunset, each rose, each moment is unique.  That’s what nature teaches me.  A lesson I often forget when I hurry through my day but often remember only when I take my camera out.  Even in Second Life, when I stop to take a photo, I notice all kinds of things I didn’t notice before.  It’s the act of “looking”, of “paying attention” because suddenly I want to isolate what I want to focus on and frame to remember.

Today’s Haiku

I’m using Da Vinci’s word to create my haiku today . Can haiku be a mnemonic device? One can hope.

Consulting Nature
mind its infinite teachings
memory forgets

Artbreeder Haiku

And once again because I’ve been having fun with Artbreeder.com, I am putting the haiku and no image into the collage section’s AI box to see what I get. I had to reroll a few times until I got something I liked.

Artbreeder image from haiku