Bourbon Street Night – New Orleans : Haiku, a Travel Haibun

Haibun : Bourbon Street Night

Bourbon street nightlife awash in neons and tourists. Street musicians and magicians busk for the chancy dollar. From the balconies, drinkers toast wanderers searching for the perfect concoction. Shops hawking t-shirts and voodoo supplies welcome all into their bright interiors.

drums and tambourines
buskers, tourists, celebrants*
Bourbon Street nightlife

haibun & photo by © 2020 M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

*celebrant : (North American usage) a person who celebrates something.  [Another definition for celebrant that many are familiar with means a person (ie, a priest) performing a rite (ie, the Eucharist) but that’s not the meaning I chose here]

2018 saw the 300th anniversary of New Orleans.  You’ll find this neon still up in the French Quarters, a few steps beyond Cafe Monde (yummy beignets if you haven’t tried any yet.) The Times-Picayune and put together a series “300 for 300” with articles on the 300 events and people that shaped New Orleans.

I thought the building looked cool in the distance all lit up. I wonder what it is.

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