Napping dragon – New Orleans : Haiku, a Travel Haibun

Haibun : Napping dragon

A dragon espied in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, New Orleans. No good guardian he, asleep on the job while tourists wander by snapping pictures of angels and mausoleums.

somnolent dragon
sloomy yawn ~ ~ peepy eyes close
lethargic beastie

senryu & photo by © 2020 M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

Having fun with sleepy synonyms courtesy of a fun article by Merriam-Webster: 8 Obscure Words for Sleepy Times

You can use the Amazon search bar to search for anything as I did with “New Orleans dragon”. It’s cool that a couple novels from the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter showed up. It’s one of my favorite urban fantasy series. She’s a shapeshifter with a mountain lion who lives in her brain plus there are witches and vampires in New Orleans. Fun escapist fare. (For her series, just do a search on “Jane Yellowrock”). I was hoping the Griffen McCandles series whose lead character is a dragon living in New Orleans would show up but no such luck (Dragons Wild, Dragons Luck, Dragons Deal, and Dragons Run) Results will vary.

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