Walking New Orleans : Haiku, a Travel Haibun

Haibun : Walking New Orleans

One Time in New Orleans mural by BMike (website): Your joy inscribed itself on the sidewalk & it has never been washed away. (quote on mural).  (Dauphine St. & Homer Plessy Way)

New Orleans drenched in music and art. Lori Kay and I walking through neighborhoods, contrasts between houses sliding into disrepair and bright-colored neighbors painted with care. Coming across the Gumbo Fest*, jazz and blues belted out for the hordes wandering through. Neon lights spark the French Quarter at night; tourist shops and the flurried fists of a youth jamming on the drums. A saxophone fills the night.Finishing up with beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Yum!

walking New Orleans
fluffy beignets, edgy art
gumbo, blues and jazz

senryu & photo by © 2020 M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

Detail of “These Are Times” mural by artist Ayo Scott near the Plessy vs Ferguson Historical Marker. In the reverse writing, arrows to different restrooms for “whites” and “colored”. A sign that says “no dogs, no coloreds, no mexicans” (Dauphine St. & Homer Plessy Way)

*We were lucky to be in New Orleans on the second weekend so could enjoy the excellent free performances of the Gumbo fest.  There were also gumbo, arts and crafts for sale. From the New Orleans website : “Brass bands and gumbo – one a delicious treat for your ears, the other a delicious treat for your taste buds. Both are celebrated over the second weekend in November at the annual Tremé Creole Gumbo Festival, which also celebrates the long heritage of what is believed to be the oldest neighborhood of free African Americans in the United States. ”

Koi mural found along the walk. Not sure who did this one. Let me know if you know so I can attribute the artist. (Close to St. Claude Ave. & Marigny St. next to the Tubman mural)

Travel tip:

Check out the New Orleans website under the “Things to Do” tab for events happening in New Orleans.  If you click on “Festivals” and go about halfway down, there is a calendar of upcoming festivals.

The night we were in New Orleans, Bourbon Street in the French Quarter was closed off to autos so people could wander fairly freely.  Musicians and magicians of all ages gave performances in the street hoping for appreciation.  People wandered in and out of the clubs and shops.  If you’re with a friend, be sure your cellphone is charged up because it’s easy to get separated as it’s crowded.

Quirky UFO Cats mural seen on HiHo Lounge (2239 St Claude Ave)

If you’re into murals, a lot of the murals on our walk were found near the railroad and on St. Claude Ave.

If you go to Cafe du Monde, there is two ways to get beignets.  One is a long line to the takeout window and one is a walk in and get seated line.  The get seated line was much much shorter the night we were there.  In fact, we walked in and found a table right away. Considering we had had a long walk that day, it was awesome to sit down in the warm room. The beignets are hot, freshly made and very yummy. And speaking of lines, the line to their unisex restroom is very long too so don’t wait until the last minute to go if you get my drift.

Charmaine Neville singing the blues at the Gumbo Festival. Amazing voice.

cool Victorian house

street musician playing In French Quarter. He had an amazing voice.


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