Haibun : Looking out the plane’s window

Haibun : Looking out the plane’s window

Love getting on a jet. You’re done with all the lines — lining up for your boarding pass, lining up for security and lining up to board.  Each time, like a stutter, hurry up, then wait; repeat. Finally you’re in your seat, waiting to lift to somewhere.

I’m on my way to New Orleans. Wheeee!

leaving on a jet
carry-on and two free bags
the journey begins

senryu & photo by © 2019 M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

Travel tip:  

  • Check the baggage and carry-on allowances

Before buying a ticket, check the baggage and carry-on allowances.  I chose Southwest Airlines because they allowed two check-in pieces of luggage for free as well as the carry-on and a computer bag. Although the ticket price was the same, another airline charged for baggage — no free bags — unless you met certain specifications like having their credit card which I didn’t. My friends Rie and Lori Kay are such great packers, everything goes into one carry-on but I like to check in another hardshell suitcase just in case I want to carry souvenirs home like pottery.

Before buying a carry-on, check the measurements against the allowable carry-on on your chosen airline. Recheck carry-on measurements when you book your ticket even if you’ve flown with them before. You get into the habit of thinking that your carry-on was fine last flight but occasionally the allowed size decreases slightly. Airlines may also have slight differences in their carry-on allowances.

You don’t want to find out at the check-in desk that your carry-on is just an inch too big. I used to be able to take my backpack because it could squish into the little box and the overhead but not any more. It’s got too many inches overall and that’s what some airlines go by now.


You can use the Amazon search bar to search for anything as I did with “turquoise carry-on”. Of course, you can just do “carry-on” but then you don’t get a fun result like a Rockland 20-Inch Turquoise Leopard Carry-On.. Results will vary.

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