Senryu : the job

flabby arms reach up
stowing items, quick on shelves
robots trundle off

senryu by M. LaFreniere

I did find work. I decided I wanted something physical to compensate for the fact that what I like to do at home is sit on my computer and a warehouse opened up 5 miles down the street. It’s ten hours, four days (Sun-Wed) which I thought would be good as it would give me three days off. I didn’t want to be on a computer all day as I thought then I wouldn’t want to come home to sit on one. And the company has decent medical insurance so that’s a plus at my age.

Of course, at the moment I feel like I’m dying but I figure in a few weeks, I will have some stamina built up (in time for peak season — oh no!) They also have another shift 3 days, 12-hours so later I am going to try to switch as that’s 4 days off. At the moment, no way can I stand for 12 hours. I’m at the oh god, oh god, oh god stage of feet protesting my bright idea but I can tell I am burning calories and hopefully starting to build muscle (don’t know what I’ll do without my batwings, we’ve been together so long, lol). Although honestly, the HR jobs look appealing as they seem to be the only people who get to sit down at all.

In the meantime, had to do all the wordpress updates — boy, do those stack up if you haven’t been on in a while and renew my security certificates. Since I do free ones, they have to be renewed every three months. The paid ones are annual renewals — another temptation. So if anyone visited my blogs in the last week, the expired certificates is why your browser warned you off my site. That’s been updated now.

Sorry I disappeared for a couple months but needs must. (I’ll be taking my second quick update off in a week). I am looking forward to reading your blogs. It’s been awhile.