Quick update


I am in job search mode at the moment. I’ve let my savings get a little low so am looking to build it back up again. For now, that’s where my energy needs to go.I should be back to blogging in a month I hope.

A corollary issue is my hosting bill is coming due and I am planning to switch hosting company. I am backing everything up and hoping when I bring it over to the new place that it will work — but I’m semi-techie not very techie so things may go wrong.  At any rate my current site will go down on the 21st.  I am hoping to have the new site up in a couple of weeks.

In case I don’t figure out how to bring everything over correctly, just want to say I appreciate everybody who read my stuff. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff and it’s been fun bantering back and forth in the comments.  You’ve brought a lot of joy in my life.  Thanks.