Haibun : hot summer

Haibun : hot summer, Tucson, Arizona

Hot. 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.56C). A dry heat they call it as if that means it’s not so hot. Don’t kid yourself, a furnace is a dry heat too. Walking I spot a mural with green rolling hills and a friendly bee waving hello.  That’s about as close as I’ll get to grass unless I visit a golf course.  Their water bills must be astronomical. Basho complained about the May rains and muddy roads.  I wonder how he would do here. Would he miss the wet humidity, the restful emeralds covering the ground? The sun sinks dyeing the clouds in peaches and oranges.  My eyes drink in the colors.  I walk in beauty.

June’s blasting furnace
flash-dried sweat, salt-covered skin
pause. sun sets. glory.

haibun and photos by M. LaFreniere


In response to a haibun challenge : Haibun Road

Haibun Road : a haibun weekly challenge (wk 19): Basho has a bad night, walks a muddy road

You can use the search bar to do an Amazon search as I did with “desert poetry”. I tried “desert haiku” first but got back a lot of handbags. I am a little surprised All Quiet on the Western Front showed up. It’s a war novel, a classic but I don’t know that it has anything to do with deserts or poetry. My dad enjoyed the movie. He was into war movies and built up quite the DVD collection.

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