Haibun Road Roundup Week 18

Haibun Road Writing Challenge Roundup Week 18

We are finishing up the seventeenth week of Haibun Road, a weekly haibun challenge . I invited you to write a short paragraph and a haiku inspired by Basho searches for blossoms and visits various places in Oku no Hosomichi (translated most often as Narrow Road to the North or Narrow Road to the Interior).

This week one haibun.

Haibun : abandoned farmhouse, Oita-ken, Japan by Cactus Haiku.

I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy reading them and that you will join us in our next haibun challenge (will be posted about 11pm Arizona Time Monday or early Tuesday A.M.). Haibuns can be any time during the week as pingbacks or pasted into comments. If you are on a social network, just paste your haibun’s link. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to paste in the haibun as a comment.

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