Haibun : Desert Flowers, Tucson, Arizona

Haibun : Desert Flowers, Tucson, Arizona

yellow cactus flower, cactus haikuThe harsh prickly desert grits it’s teeth in the summer heat. Oh but the spring brings an explosion of colors greeting the rains, drinking in those few precious days of water kissing the sandy soil. Soon the flowers disappear leaving behind a memory of their glorious beauty.

evanescent Spring
brilliant flowers emerge
soon a memory

haibun and photos by M. LaFreniere

orange cactus flower blossoming in a row across a cactus pad, cactus haiku
purple wildflower, cactus haikucactus wren sipping from a red saguaro cactus flower, cactus haiku


In response to a haibun challenge : Haibun Road

Haibun Road : a haibun weekly challenge (wk 17): Basho searched all day for blossoming Katsumi.

You can use the search bar to do an Amazon search as I did with “desert flowers”. The results will vary. Today I saw Arizona Wildflowers: A Year-Round Guide to Nature’s Blooms. I did think of doing “cactus flowers” but it brought up romance novels with half naked men on the covers — total hunks but not really what I was looking for, lol. I wanted something more like A Desert Illuminated: Cactus Flowers of the Sonoran Desert.

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