Senryu : Exquisite Corpse

Magaly Guerrero over at Imaginary Pond challenges folks to do an Exquisite Corpse poem.  When you do it with people, you write a line or draw a section, fold the paper, next person writes/draws the next line/section without seeing the previous creation, and so forth. Then you unfold it and see the poem/drawing the group has created.

Magaly created a virtual version. She made lists of adjectives, nouns, and verbs. You throw them in a randomizer and there’s your poem.

Each line has to be adjective, noun, verb, adjective, noun

because I do haiku, I’ll have to throw some words out to make the syllable count so from

dazzling book feels gorgeous thing
skinny problem questions short home
shapely job undulates attractive life

became this senryu / haiku

dazzled book felt gorged
skinned problem questioned short home
shaped job undulates

Go to her Exquisite Corpse Poetry challenge to see the Rules and Guidance, for Exquisite Corpse Poetry Solitaire.

After I threw all the words in the randomizer, here was the list I was working from

  1. book
  2. dazzling
  3. thing
  4. problem
  5. gorgeous
  6. skinny
  7. home
  8. short
  9. question
  10. shapely
  11. job
  12. attractive
  13. feel
  14. muscular
  15. unkempt
  16. undulate
  17. life
  18. case
  19. quaint
  20. stocky
  21. arise
  22. cast
  23. behold
  24. hand
  25. make
  26. clean
  27. look
  28. day
  29. fact
  30. coffee
  31. beautiful
  32. will
  33. place
  34. long
  35. year
  36. drab
  37. slink
  38. eye
  39. bald
  40. night
  41. state
  42. scruffy
  43. plain
  44. magnificent
  45. glamorous
  46. study
  47. plump
  48. flabby
  49. live
  50. story
  51. fancy
  52. time
  53. world
  54. burst
  55. elegant
  56. chubby
  57. group
  58. slay
  59. unsightly
  60. student
  61. month
  62. people
  63. fit
  64. word
  65. vex

Weekend Mini-Challenge: Exquisite Corpse Poetry
imaginary garden with real toads

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