Haibun Road Roundup Week 12

Haibun Road Writing Challenge Roundup Week 12

We are finishing up the twelfth week of Haibun Road, a weekly haibun challenge . I invited you to write a short paragraph and a haiku inspired by Basho as he writes a hokku for a groom and visits the Killing Rock in Oku no Hosomichi (translated most often as Narrow Road to the North or Narrow Road to the Interior).

This week we had three haibuns from SketchingWords, Sandra Fox Murphy and myself.

Haibun Road Week 12/honeysuckle by SketchingWords as she ruminates on the honeysuckles she sees walking around Lake Hamilton.

A Compassionate World by Sgeoil reflects on the need for compassion through action.

Haibun : Hotel McCoy by Cactus Haiku shares the creative murals at Hotel McCoy.

I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy reading them and that you will join us in our next haibun challenge (will be posted about 11pm Arizona Time). Haibuns can be any time during the week as pingbacks or pasted into comments.

You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon. Today’s search term was “refillable notebook”. I was trying to get notebooks with pens to pop up. In Japan, they had the cutest ones with little pens the size of your finger that would slip into the spine. Fun and easy to carry so that if you’re on the bus, you can pull it from your pocket and jot random thoughts and poems. I couldn’t get “pen notebook” to make it pop though — just got notebooks with those results. For some reason, “refillable notebook” got a higher number of notebooks with pens with a cool journal in there. Sometimes in searching if you’re not getting the results you want, you have to try out a related word instead of a direct one. I love searches. It’s like window shopping.

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