Haibun Road Roundup Week 11

Haibun Road Writing Challenge Roundup Week 11

We are finishing up the eleventh week of Haibun Road, a weekly haibun challenge . I invited you to write a short paragraph and a haiku inspired by Basho as he gazes at a monk’s hut and notes even woodpeckers leave it alone in Oku no Hosomichi (translated most often as Narrow Road to the North or Narrow Road to the Interior).

This week we had three haibuns from SketchingWords, Sandra Fox Murphy and myself.

Sabi Saturday Week 9/Haibun Road Week 10 by SketchingWords did a two-for-one with her bird artwork. She also did this for this week’s Sabi Saturday on CactusCatz.com, another blog hop I do.  I know the number says Haibun Road Week 10 but she had submitted a different one last week that also said 10 so I am claiming this one for 11 because birds and woodpeckers.

Tumbled Thistle by Sandra Fox Murphy with an awesome haibun about tumbleweeds’ meanderings. Sandra is a new participant in the Haibun Road. She posts her poetry on Instagram @sandrafoxmurphy but also is an independent author with a book blog.

Haibun : Ladderbacked Woodpecker househunting by Cactus Haiku on a woodpecker in her front yard.

I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy reading them and that you will join us in our next haibun challenge (will be posted about 11pm Arizona Time). Haibuns can be any time during the week as pingbacks or pasted into comments.

You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon. Today’s search term was “poetry notebooks”. I love blank notebooks especially when they have a cool cover. It’s fun to fill them up with random scribblings.

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