Haibun : Ladderbacked Woodpecker househunting

ladderbacked woodpecker, Arizona, photo by M. LaFreniere

ladderbacked woodpecker, Arizona, photo by M. LaFreniereWhen we moved here, my parents planted evergreens which have grown to twice as tall as the house like green pillars from some forgotten temple. The birds like them and come back annually to nest. This winter a ladderback woodpecker female was checking this tree out. She tapped and tapped, drumming like nervous fingernails on a diner countertop but I don’t think the tree was up to snuff because she never came back. The males have a bit of red on top but nothing like Woody the Woodpecker. Do you remember that crazy laugh?

Knock knock. Who is there?
Me! Woody the Woodpecker
crazy laugh ensues

A video from you-tube of a ladderbacked woodpecker hitting up a tree in Phoenix

haibun and photos by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
video by starmanorion

Writing prompt linkup : Haibun Road Week 11

Easy search this time. I put in “arizona birds” and the return was as expected : field guides on Arizona birds.

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