Cat Haiku : licking, cleansing

digitally manipulated photograph of my black cat, Midnight, by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, cactushaiku.comA cat’s rough tongue
licking, cleansing, a good scrub
saying I love you

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

I’m sharing a senryu I originally wrote on Cactus Catz as part of the A to Z challenge.

Soon, I’ll bring over two other cat poems I did there too.  Having my poetry in one place makes them easier for me to find.  (laughing) Now if only I was as good at organizing my house, I’d be set.

For those interested in images, I manipulated a photo of my black cat Midnight in Topaz Lab Studio, a free standalone desktop app.  Topaz Labs also has a plugin that you can drop into Photoshop if you are so inclined.

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Search strategies: unexpected results

This time I used “scrub” in the search. I expected to see things like a facial scrub or maybe a rough face towel. I completely forgot about clothes (medical scrubs) and also the slang meaning of “scrub”: “A guy who mooches off of everyone else and has nothing going for him in life. Probably still lives with his mama, doesn’t have a car, a job, or a plan.” (urban dictionary). Slang often turns up in contemporary music.  The song “No Scrubs” by TLC was a hit in 1999.