W is for Wondrous

winsome witty waif
witch works wondrous wizardry
wrathful wraith wavers

senryu M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
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22nd in the A to Z challenge 2019 (almost done. Yay!)

A quick senryu and off to bed. Just spent a long day geocaching and photographing in Casa Grande.  They have a pretty Vintage Neon Park there.

I scanned a list of SAT words that starting with W and was a little suprised that I knew them all.  Usually I find at least one new word.  The SAT words I did use were : winsome, witty, waif, wondrous, wizardry, wrathful, wraith and wavers. Honestly I was suprised to see witty and wavers on the list as I thought they were pretty common words.

It’s interesting to me how my escapist genre reading pays off.  More than half these words I know from Sci-Fi & Fantasy and the other half I know from Regency romances.  Usually I recognize words from the mystery genre but not today.  What genres do you like escaping into?

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

This time I used “wizardry” as the search term and wasn’t suprised to see a Harry Potter book but was surprised by the one on stats and baseball fielders. You just never know when you do a search

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