Listening to music, a poem popped into my head

I’m looking for you
in the corners of every room
I’m searching for you
in the edges of every town
I’ve been looking for you
on the long unending highway
in every forgotten conversation
in every unopened book
in the wires between the networks
but the only place I ever find you
is in the quiet open spaces
of my heart

poem and image by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
Sader Time Script font by Mellow Design Lab

Nope it’s not haiku. or senryu or tanka. It’s not a challenge or a prompt. I was just listening to music and it popped into my head. Maybe like Athena popped into Zeus’s head … but without the splitting headache when she popped back out.

what was I listening to?

I am catching up on my reading and Ronel is doing a series of music posts to the A to Z Challenge and this was for Grr… #AtoZChallenge. It is the first time I’ve heard the song.

Sometimes when I listen to music, poem or song stanzas pop into my head. Does that happen to you?

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