S is for Stratosphere

stratospheric skies
streaming stratocumulus
swiftly sinking sun

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
Sader Time Script font (letter S) by Mellow Design Lab
mom’s typewriter font (poem) by Christoph Mueller
19th in the A to Z challenge 2019

Taking photos out of the jet’s window as the sunset.

So weird to think we are so far above the earth flying in very very heavy metal. Yet people figured out how to shape things so that we can fly.  And the speed! It always amazes me when I think of it.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgeI hope I got the type of cloud right.  I looked at Cloud Types to figure it out.

It’s good to be back home.  I am so thankful Joe and Mary Lou took care of my cats.  Midnight and Pinkie were so happy to see me but I could tell they gained a little weight while I was gone so they had plenty of food.

There is a little mystery.  I  had a leaky bathroom faucet when I left.  It’s been like that for months.  I kept a blue bowl under it and used the water to water the roses outside with a bit left over for Pinkie and Midnight.  It worked mostly except when I went out of town (waste of water!) or during rainy season (more waste).

I come back and the faucet no longer leaks and the blue bowl is missing.  Both Joe and Mary Lou said they didn’t fix the faucet.  I don’t care about the bowl but Mary Lou noticed when it disappeared but has no clue why either. I am pretty sure Pinkie didn’t hide it anywhere — it’s bigger than she is.

I changed my doorlocks a year ago so only a few people have keys. Carol is elderly and definitely does not go around fixing people’s sinks. So who did?  If there was a mysterious housebreaker out there who breaks into houses to fix faucets, I might have to invite him or her back.  Ditto if it’s a ghost. I wonder if they can fix other things too.  I have a list, lol.

this time I used “fixed leaking bathroom faucet” as the search term. I first tried “stratocumulus” but only a technical book came back. Not suprised there. “Mysterious housebreaker” didn’t return anything at all.

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