P is for Pizza

peruse pizza piece
peach pie’s perfect pinnacle
partake in papaw

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
Perfetto Brush font (letter P) by Davidu Brassu
mom’s typewriter font (poem) by Christoph Mueller
16th in the A to Z challenge 2019

Well, of course P is for pizza and peach pie.  I love love love fresh peach pie.  Sighs. It’s not fresh peach pie season.  Luckily, pizza is an every season kind of food. Yay!

My favorite pizza place is ModPizza.  A mini 6″ pizza is only $5.99 but what I love is you can have all the ingredients you want so I add spinach, broccoli, corn, tomatoes and onions and can justify my pizza as a salad.  Okay, we’re not mentioning the cheese (asiago often, and mozzarella).  Well, you know how it goes.  I could have the pizza without the cheese if I chose to order that way but are you nuts?

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgeI had to throw something new in.  I’ve never had papaw. Never even seen papaw but apparently they eat it in Eastern United States.  According to wiki, it’s a fruit that tastes similar to banana and mango but has more protein than most fruits.  Thomas Edison planted some at his home and George Washington loved eating chilled papaw for dessert. The sad thing is that unless papaws are frozen, they don’t travel well which probably explains why I haven’t seen any in Arizona.  It likes the wet soil.  Too bad.  Sounds delicious.

Clarknova wrote of his photo: Common Paw Paw. Photo taken at Red Fern Farm in Wapello Iowa, 11 Sept. 2004. (I ate the piece she’s carving there. It was delicious.)
Range map of Asimina triloba — the Paw Paw tree, 1999, U.S. Geological Survey


this time I used “asimina” as the search term. It’s the scientific name for papaw.

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