M is for Minion’s musing

minion’s musing
mendacious microcosm
mawkish mendicant

senryu by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved
Miss Katherine font (letter L) by IraDvilyuk
mom’s typewriter font (poem) by Christoph Mueller

13th day of the A to Z challenge. I found a couple of M words that were new to me.

I am assuming everyone knows “minion“.  No, not the little yellow guy.  He has too much attitude to be a minion. Think more the comic book’s villain’s henchmen who get beat up or killed all the time.  Seriously, those guys need a union, double combat pay and really good medical insurance.

musing = thinking, reflecting, contemplating

mendacious (I love the sound of this adjective — but I just found out I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all this time so I’ve fallen out of love with the word.  sighs. such is life) = intentionally lying, intentionally untrue

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badgemicrocosm = a little world reflecting the larger world on a small scale like a neighborhood being a perfect representation of a large city.

mawkish (love this adjective, shows up in novels now and again) = overly sentimental, saccharine sweet

mendicant = beggar, was not seen as negative in an earlier era as it can be a religious practice as in a person who becomes a monk and gives up all their worldly goods and lives on the alms (donations) people give them like a mendicant friar living by the maxim, “the Lord will provide”.

hope you found a new word you enjoyed too.

I have fun with Amazon’s search engine sometimes. I have no idea why “mawkish mendicant” returned back accessories. Although they are pretty, the weird thing about them is that they dumped a whole bunch of “m” words in their description. Maybe it’s a hashtag strategy gone haywire.

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