Haibun Road : Roundup Week 6

Haibun Road Writing Challenge Roundup Week 6

We are at the sixth week of Haibun Road, a weekly haibun challenge. This time I invited you to write a short paragraph and a haiku inspired by the eighth paragraph and haiku from Basho in Oku no Hosomichi (translated most often as Narrow Road to the North or Narrow Road to the Interior).

I am thrilled this week as we had the most ever contributors and I love everybody’s haibun.  I hope you will check them out too.

Haibun – A Bishop’s Walk by Culture Shocks created a fun fictional flash fiction not only as a haibun but also incorporating several word prompts of the day peppered throughout.

Haibun Road by Sketching Words wrote an ode to an early morning run. Love the way she built in the rhythm of her  running into the haibun.

Spring Arrival by Sgeoil celebrates with a blossoming spring haibun

Haibun : black hair by Cactus Haiku about my photograph, a five-year-old dressed in a kimono

I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy reading them and that you will join us in our next haibun challenge (will be posted about 11pm Arizona Time). Haibuns can be any time during the week as pingbacks or pasted into comments.

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