SLife : CSI-SL : murder vic : Cupid!

I was finishing my reports. Five minutes until I could clock out for the day. Looking forward to dinner and a relaxing evening when the call came in.

Homicide at Heartbreaks R Us. Arrived and wouldn’t you know it? It’s Cupid. The press is going to be all over this. Forget dinner. Forget a relaxing evening. Forget sleep. We’re going to be on this 24/7 until we find the perp.

Looks to me like someone didn’t like the match he made. The perp dropped a “nope” heart on the vic.

Gonna be a tough one. Half the city is either falling in love or breaking up. Sometimes all in the same day.

Sighs. Gonna be a long night.

The end …. for Cupid ….


Okay, you’re right. It was supposed to be a story for another picture prompt but I drew a blank this week.  So I am letting that picture ride for another week as a prompt.  However if you want to write a story to this pic instead, feel free. I wrote this one  originally March 3rd and posted it on Flickr under Kayla Woodrunner, avatar.

Letting Wk 4 Writing Prompt ride for another week:

Wk4: SLife on the Flipside Image prompt for writing or art: poetry, stories, whatever

SL photo and story by M. LaFreniere, Kayla Woodrunner avatar, all rights reserved.


You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon like I did with “microfiction crime”. I have a quirky hobby. I enjoy putting random phrases into search engines and seeing what pops up. First I tried “cupid is dead fiction” and up popped a 6-inch figure of Marvel’s Poison.  Now you have to wonder.  Did Poison kill Cupid?

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