Wk4 : SLife on the Flipside Image prompt for writing or art: poetry, stories, whatever

Week 4 : Second Life on the Flipside image prompt for writing or art: poetry, stories, whatever

Second Life image for this week’s prompt to inspire writing or art.

I see a lot of real life photo prompts out there for writing challenges. So I thought it might be fun to offer up a photo prompt from Second Life as you can create fantasy, surreal or “real-life” photos there. This is a weekly prompt to give you time to create. Let me know what you think of the idea.

Challenge parameters

There is no right or wrong although there are a couple rules.

  • Writing or art inspired by the challenge image. If writing, fiction, nonfiction, essay or whatever is ok. Collaborations between blogs where one person is doing the art and another is doing the writing is ok, just be sure to notate if you’re working with someone and paste both links into the same comment so people know you’re working together and will visit both blogs hopefully.
  • Any length is ok. Preferably not a book though as I will try to read everyone’s contribution (if I get any)
  • If you put the image on your blog post, credit the image with “SL photo by M. LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner” and link it back to this post please. Yeah, Kayla is my secret identity in SL. Ok, not so secret. Hmmm, I wonder how Spiderman handles photos when he takes them: “by Spiderman aka Peter Parker”? Well, his identity as Parker is not so secret either. Everyone seems to find out except Aunt May. Wait! She found out too. Ahhh, but I digress.
  • To share what you’ve written, add a pingback or paste your link in the comments and tag your post “SLife on the Flipside Prompt”or “SLonFP”.

This post is moderated due to spam and to avoid people’s contribution ending up in the spam folder so your link or pingback won’t show up right away but should show up within 24 hours. I will check regularly for them but I have a real life too so be patient please.

Next week, I’ll do a round up of everyone’s weekly contributions. I hope to do this weekly, posting it on Tuesdays (late Tuesdays, not early! so look for it in the evenings Arizona time between 11pm and midnight or on Wednesdays in most other time zones. I am not a morning person. ).

I hope you will join me and look forward to your writing or art.


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