SLife : newbie at the zoo or why diets are good for you

I needed a bit of cash so checked the internet postings for any side jobs and saw one for a zoo.  Feed the monkeys, clean their cages… how hard could it be?

No one told me they had a special exhibit.  You know, there is a disclosure law if you sell a house, you are required to disclose any murders in case there’s a ghost. That’s fair. No one wants to live in a place with bad juju.

Honestly, someone should pass a law that companies have to disclose pertinent info during interviews.  I mean really!  Don’t you think a person should be told there are dinosaurs on the premises? Especially a grumpy teeth-gnashing Rex?!!!! With bad breath! Damn thing is supposed to be extinct.

And they always send in the newbies for the worst jobs.  What’s up with that?

Shit! Why is the gate broken?

huff …. darn it!I’m supposed to … puff ….. feed the reptiles …huffing … their dinner … puffing …. Not be dinner!

hufffing … ok …. pufffing … no ….. huffffing …. more ….puffffing …. donuts!


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