SLife : Always the bridesmaid

I do love Theresa. I do. She’s my bestie, inviting me to be her Maid of Honor. I do feel privileged to be here for her on her special day.  I do.

But it hardly seems fair.  Look at her! She’s short and round.  Yeah, I know, Thomas is just like her and perfect for her.  They are made for each other and so cute together.

Yet here I am again, standing up next to Trent. Regular tomcat he is.  Best man. Snorts.Yeah, right.

It’s just that I get so tired of it. Look at me. I’m tall, willowy and my platinum hair is real!  I’m perfect. So tell me, why is it that I’m always the bridesmaid? Never the bride?  Sighs.

For Writing Prompt:

Wk2: SLife on the Flipside Image prompt for writing or art: poetry, stories, whatever
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