Daily Dose : Coffee #61 : latte love

Daily Dose : Coffee Haiku #61

Twirling latte heart
giddy effervescent love
evanescent flash

As evanescent as a snow flurry or a young crush, a latte heart dissipates. I do adore that caffeine high that follows.


I got up to #83 so far on the coffee haikus over there but now that this is a new year, once I catch up adding the rest of my coffee haikus, I think I’m going to mix it up with coffee, tea and herbal drinks.

It’s not that I am unfaithful to coffee (oh, but I am!). It’s that I really love vintage cups.  Glassware too. So it’s fun doing photoshoots around them.  Looks around at them.  Look at them all!  I even picked up a few in Los Gatos and Redwood City when I was there. I love my new Japanese teapot.

Probably should start putting some of them up on ebay if I weren’t afraid they’d crack in shipping.  Problem with ebay is when I sell something, I end up buying something else — if I’m lucky, I break even. But I do get some cool vintage stuff. I used to do ebay a lot but not so much any more.  I prefer getting vintage stuff locally at thrift stores.  How about you?

Other Haiku Blogs

Recently, I said I’d start introducing other blogs this year.  Wednesday seems a good day. (Whispers: I haven’t written my fiction story so this is a good sort of procrastination)

It’s only fitting that I start with blogs who delve into haiku or senryu as that form is closest to my heart.

Book ’em, Jan O
She intersperses her ghost stories with appropriately enough Mafia senryu aka her Mob Haiku.It’s irreverent punning fun.

Dude is scribbling away limericks and senryus and doodling cartoons.  Watch out for his Screw You Haiku. Definitely not for the politically correct. He throws in fiction and short serials for variety when the mood strikes him.

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai
I always learn something new from Kristjaan Panneman in his Japanese poetry prompts.  He bases his challenges on venerable haiku masters, or cool poets he’s reading, and other cornerstone literature.  He also often introduces Japanese poetry forms that I didn’t know about before. Like now, he is having a Renga challenge, a collaborative form of Japanese poetry with one person starting with the hokku stanza (hokku later morphed into haiku standalones) with the 5-7-5 count. And the second person writing a 7-7 two-line stanza. It can go on for as many stanzas as you have writers.  They have ones that go for a 1,000 stanzas.  However on the Carpe Diem site, if you want to give it a try, the current Renga challenge gives you the first stanza to start and then you write the next 3 stanzas (7-7, 5-7-5, 7-7). It’s fun. Give it a whirl.

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille
Kristjaan Panneman also heads up the weekly haiku writing challenge on on Wednesdays at MindLoveMIsery’s Menagerie, a writing prompt site with each day of the week having a different sort of writing challenge from wordles, quotes, first lines, a theme, a photo or whatever depending on that day.


latte art by the barista at Ikes Coffee and Tea, 100 N. Stone Ave. #111, Tucson, AZ

photo & senryu by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.

originally posted coffee haiku #61 on my Instagram @cactus_catz on November 28, 2018.