Senryu : home again

cats a-meowing
wheels spinning, rubber burning
damn! speeding ticket
senryu by M. LaFreniere

Delayed a day due to a flat tire but got it fixed on Monday. Tuesday packed up.  In went the cats.  I drove home but this time the cats meowed most of the way home.  Gahhhhh! Where was the quiet on the way up?

Left late, around 8:30pm.  Wanted to hit LA when cars were light. Got lucky. Shot through LA at around 4am despite an hour nap on the road.  Hit some construction but traffic was so light that even at the construction, all the LA cars were going 50mph.  No stop-and-go traffic this early in the morning.

A couple miles from the Arizona border, I got pulled over for speeding.  So close! Cats were meowing up a storm.  The police officer glanced back at them but didn’t say anything.  He had to open the passenger door to get my driver’s license because I had to hold onto the stuff I had piled to keep it from falling out.  The cats were taking up the backseat and the trunk (I have a hatchback so the trunk area is open). (Ok, so Lori and I hit a few thrift stores so there were a few coffee cups, books, and other sundry new-to-me items like clothes that fit!)

The office asked me where I was traveling from and gave me a ticket anyways.  I was hoping all the meowing obviously for hours would win me a pass.  Sighs.

Took another short 20-minute nap when I crossed the border into Arizona.  When traveling late, I take naps whenever the straight white lines in the middle start wiggling like snakes.  It means my eyes are beyond tired and I need to pull over. My left eye contact had started irritating me and I didn’t bring a back up so I had taken it out and thrown it away at my first fuel stop.  I think driving one-eyed was making both eyes more tired. Thank goodness for rest stops.

It’s weird during both naps, the cats were quiet.  Either they were thankful the car wasn’t moving or they thought I needed the sleep or they were hoping we were stopped for good.  Anyways I was grateful.

Came in after the Phoenix rush hour was done so was lucky there too.  Got home in the early afternoon today Wednesday.  1:30pm?  Was so happy to be home forgot to check the clock.  Unloaded the cats.  They were happy too.  (Funny Pinkie has forgiven me already but Midnight is giving me the cold shoulder.  Opposite of what happened in Los Gatos).

Went to sleep.  I’ll unload the car tomorrow.

I love going places but I love, love, love coming home.

(oh! and now Midnight has forgiven me, just curled up by my feet as I write this after waking up, 9:30pm now.  He doesn’t hold a grievance for long.  Happy, all is good)