Senryu : cats are not good travelers

Honestly driving with my cats Pinkie and Midnight was much better than last time. Last time they meowed almost all 14 hours. Seriously. I thought I was going to go nuts.

This time it was a lot less. Okay the first hour and then they stopped. I was soooo happy! Then they would start up everytime I stopped for gas for another 15 minutes each time and then stop again. After riding for 12 hours though, they started up again but intermittently. This 14-hour drive was so much better than last time we drove to California.

Once we got here Midnight forgave me as soon as I fed him. I tried to feed them on the trip. Midnight, who is a chowhound, accepted my food and water offerings. Pinkie was so pissed at being in a cage, she turned around in the cage and showed her rump to me and the food. She would have no part of it until she was out of the cage. Then when she was out of the cage, she ate but refused to have anything to do with me for two days. Slowly she forgave me and finally let me pet her. Yay!

As far as I was concerned, traveling is now doable. I can handle 15 minutes of meowing now and then. Don’t tell them that though. Wouldn’t want them to go back to nonstop meowing. I love them but honestly, the cats are not good travelers. They don’t know that I am contemplating an RV life traveling with them.

meow meow hiss
translating: “are we there yet?”
driving me insane