Daily Dose Coffee Haiku #80: “fuku” to you too!

waves! Happy New Years!
wish you joy, vision, journeys
“fuku” — good fortune

senryu & photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Ooops! I meant to post this earlier but forgot.

Happy New Years!

I hope your new year is filled with joy, vision, talent, health and the adventurous journey to wherever your dreams takes you.

I think I’m making “adventure” my new word for 2019. What’s yours? (And yeah, it’s the front of the pop-up card. Love this card!)

(Note: tomorrow (Sunday) I’m driving to California again with Pinkie and Midnight.  Not looking forward to the meow meow meow all the way there. Sighs.  That’s the part of adventures that no fun. Should have packed today but was procrastinating because dreading  the meows.  Bringing out the carriers is going to make Pinkie run and hide.  Oh well, I don’t need to bring much.  My laptop, my cats, clothes. Oh my coffee grinder, my french press, my hot water boiler thingie, my camera. A couple of mugs. Oh yeah, and the cat litter box and their food dishes. And all the cords and chargers. When did packing become so complicated? Used to be throw some clothes in a bag, grab your purse and a book and go.

Well, time to go to sleep so I can wake up good and early. NiNi everyone.  Talk to you again on Tuesday probably.)


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