Daily Dose Coffee Haiku #59 : golden irises

Coffee roasting is an art. Once upon a time everybody did it. Throughout the 1800s, people traveling by wagons used to roast their green coffee beans over an open fire. No way could they travel without their morning coffee. Back then, home roasting was a way of life.

Nowadays not many of us roast — it’s too convenient to go pick up a bag at the local supermarket. I have an iron pan here somewhere. It might be fun to try it though. Roasting coffee beans in an iron pan just like way back then.

Have you heard of this coffee roasting competition? From September 19-21, 2018, more than 900 entries vied in the 2018 North American Golden Bean with their roasted beans judged in espresso, milk (latte) and filter beverages in 10 award categories for the big Golden Bean trophy.

And the North American winners are:

Organic espresso (a tie for first place): Roast House Coffee (Ethiopia Homacho Waeno) & Relevant Coffee (Guatemela San Pedro Necta Organic)

Single origin espresso : Bonfire Coffee Roasters (Ethiopia Gedeb Natural)

Decaffeinated latte (milk based) : K&F Coffee Roasters (Liana WP Decaf)

North American origin latte (milk based) : Kona Coffee Purveyors (Maua Loa)

Franchise/chain espresso : Bird Rock Coffee Raosters (XO Geisha)

Franchise/chain latte (milk based) : The Roasterie (Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural)

Franchise/chain filtered coffee (tie for first place) : Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters (Panama hartmann Natural Geisha Lot 1) & Klatch Coffee (Golden Bean Panama Drip)

Overall small franchise/chain champion : Folklore Coffee (Kenya Ruthagati)

Overall latte (milk based) : Bonlife Coffee Roasters (Top Shelf Espresso)

Overall espresso short black : Theory Collaborative LLC (Ethiopia Keramo)

The Golden Bean Competition are hoping to expand the competition to other continents. I’d love to go to one. People who can attend can taste and vote on the different competitors brews. Isn’t that cool? The judges vote count more, of course. Still it would be fun to vote.

Note: As I’m going to California next week, I’ve decided not to make any grand changes until later especially as I’m still catching up on reading other people’s blogs. The photo, poem and prose was originally published on my Instagram on November 26, 2018.

Other note:  Diane of 25 More, I can’t access your blog.  Sorry.  Hope everything is ok.

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