Daily Dose Coffee Haiku #79 : here’s to 2019

a friend sent me this wonderful pop-up card. I just love love it! Manuki neko is perfect to wave in the New Year’s.

And what is the perfect pairing with a lucky holiday card? Coffee, of course, with a dollop of Irish Whiskey. Cheers!

I hope 2019 is a great one for you!  Nini 2018.

(I know I’m late but getting there.  I’ve been starting to catchup on reading blogs today.  I’ve missed reading you guys and seeing the photos so it’s been fun)


Note: I published this previously on instagram. 11/24

I successfully renewed my security certificate on CactusCatz.com and OnBlogging.net. However, I screwed it up on CactusHaiku.com. I sent in a note so hopefully I’ll get an email back soon and can fix it. First time I’ve renewed it and I missed a step. Since I started with Haiku, I was able to do it correctly on CactusCatz and OnBlogging as I figured out what I did wrong by the second time. Sorry about any inconveniences.

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