Daily Dose Coffee Haiku #57 : mocha!

pour rich espresso
spoon in dripping caramel
dark chocolate, cream

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere


Mornings are made for these. Espresso, dark chocolate, cream, stirred together with a dollop of caramel on the spoon. Luxury in a cup. Perfect wake me up.

That’s why I love espresso. In a latte, as a mocha, or just plain straight, it always gives me a luxurious buzz. Fun.

Note: I published this previously on instagram. 11/24

I successfully renewed my security certificate on CactusCatz.com and OnBlogging.net.  However, I screwed it up on CactusHaiku.com.  I sent in a note so hopefully I’ll get an email back soon and can fix it. First time I’ve renewed it and I missed a step.  Since I started with Haiku, I was able to do it correctly on CactusCatz and OnBlogging as I figured out what I did wrong by the second time.  Sorry about any inconveniences.

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