Daily Dose Coffee Haiku #55 : treats

latte and cookies
amaretto, chocolate
sharing treats with friends

senryu and photo by M. LaFreniere

The cold of winter is perfect for baking, heat filling the house with aromas of cookies, pies and spices.

Okay, I cheated. I can’t bake right now because then I’ll eat too many and I’m still losing weight. I got these Italian butter cookies at the local Italian bakery and deli. It’s perfect with a lovely cup of latte.

Principles the same though, cookies are great to share with friends whether you bake them yourself and dropped by the bakery to snag their latest batch.

What’s your favorite cookies to share?

Note: I published this previously on instagram.  At the time I was pretty good on my new healthy low-cal eating regime.  However, I am doing a short-term holiday gig until 1/4 and the 10 hours of standing/walking around has me off.  Groans.  Gained 4 pounds in one week! Mostly because now I am eating 2 meals and snacks. Looks longingly at the cookies.  I might go get a couple. Oops! Too late.  It’s Xmas eve so they will be closed until Wednesday.  Double sigh.

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