Senryu : french press

french press coffee, poem and photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved, CactusHaiku.comgrind beans not too fine
love french press morning coffee
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senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere

Love my French press

I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. First I had to learn not to grind my beans too much. I needed a coarse grind not a fine grind like what I was used to. Think sea salt rather than a fine dust.

Then I had to use very hot water, not boiling water. The ratio was different too. I do about a 1 coffee to 10 water ratio although some people say 1:15.

I thought I had to plunge right away. Nope. Stir, let it steep for three or four minutes then slowly lower the plunger. That’s my favorite part.

Pour all the coffee out. You can’t leave any in the french press once you’re done because the coffee will keep brewing and become bitter. Trust me on this. It doesn’t take long to go from great to wtf. If you made extra, pour it into another cup or thermos so it doesn’t overbrew.

The other thing was that I had to give up my little coffee grinder because the tiny whirring blades can actually burn the coffee while chopping the beans up which is not a good thing. So I started looking around for a burr grinder because it doesn’t heat the beans with friction plus it gives a more consistent grind.

I found little things like this make a huge difference. Mistakes is how I learn. Hmmmm, you would think I was a genius by now given how many mistakes I make. I’m still a neophyte though. I’m not your instant expert; I’m the perpetual student. I’m never done learning.

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