Senryu : where’s the foam

latte? where’s the foam?
new drive-through coffee cafe
warms my freezing hands

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere

New drive-through coffee place opened up next to the bus stop. At night, here in Tucson the bus runs once an hour. I’m heading back from the writers group meetup and it’s late.  It’s freezing.  Okay, it’s in the 40s but that’s still freezing to me. Temperatures dropping.

I walk over to the drive-through for something hot.  Ordered a caramel chai latte. She said the latte had coffee in it. Huh. This isn’t a latte. There’s hardly any foam. A cafe au lait maybe with chai flavoring.

Sips. Huh. Tastes like saccharine milk mostly. Well, okay, then, Au Lait with a dash of coffee. In Japan, they’d call this coffee milk. I’ll have to add espresso when I get home before I’ll put it in the coffee drink family. Maybe foam it up just a little too.

You know it bugs me when a store tries to cash in on lattes and espressos and are chintzy on the coffee part. How about you?

Still the tall cup is very hot and it’s cold outside. Since I’m not drinking much of it, it lasts a long time. This (whatever it is) makes a great handwarmer for my hands while I waited for the bus.  I am grateful for the heat.

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