Senryu : diner

coffee and diners
iconic establishments
film noir detectives

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere

Scene 1: (1940s somewhere, in b&w) old diner, vinyl seats, formica tables. You’ve all seen it. Paintings or movie sets, it all looks the same: comfy.

In strides, the detective, beaten up fedora, a bit like him. Rumpled suit as if he’d slept in it. Maybe he has. And, of course, hot bitter coffee served right away. He takes his black. The waitress brings it fast, served up with a snappy comeback while she chews gum.

Scene 2: (December 2018, here, in color) I take my coffee with a bit of milk. The waitress puts down a little dish of creamers: regular, vanilla and hazelnut.  I ask for milk. It arrives in a little steel creamer.

Looks around. Huh, no laptops. Just people talking to each other, their buzz of conversation filling the room. The few sitting alone are reading a newspaper or a book.  Laughing, these days that is getting to be a novel sight.  Ok, that one is gazing adoringly at their cellphone, tapping away.

Diners keep the coffee flowing, served up with eggs and pancakes on the cheap. You can still get breakfast for $2.99, coffee;s extra, bring your own friends.

Where’s your favorite diner? Not the best diner. Your favorite. Why do you love it?

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