Senryu : Garfield’s wrong

Garfield has it wrong
I don’t want a normal life
write, travel, coffee

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere

I love Garfield. My sister gave me this cup.  She knows I love cats, ?.

Thinking about what Garfield said “Many people own cats and go on to lead normal lives.”  I have cats and I lead a normal life.  More or less.

But who wants a normal life? I don’t. I want to travel in an RV with my cats, take photos of coffee in every state, documenting it in IG of course and then publishing a book. Have to get an RV first — big enough that they can stay away from each other.

I’d love to figure out how to take my cats around the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to photograph the world’s best coffee places? Or how about pyramids around the world because more than one culture has had them? There are a lot of things that would be fun to photograph.

What would you like to photograph or write about if someone gave you a free trip around the world for three months all expenses paid?

(and for those who have family — yes, the three months can be during the summer when school is out and you can take the whole family since we are talking fantasies here)

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