Senryu : vintage percolator

back in the olden days
percolators brewed coffee
pretty don’t you think?

senryu & photo by M. LaFreniere

I found this gorgeous percolator complete with cord and the inner metal filter in a Berkeley thrift store. Do you know how rare it is to find one with a cord? Steve, my Oakland roommate at the time, lost the cord.

I kept it because it’s gorgeous even though I can’t use it any more. I love the ease of an automatic coffee maker but this was easy too. Dump the coffee into the basket, plug it in and wait. Back in the day, they made things pretty instead of the streamlined straight lines these days.

I love the graceful curves of vintage coffeeware, and the swirling rainbow colors in lustreware. What coffee makers do you like? 1 for Modern or 2 for Vintage or 3 for anything or anyone that serves coffee hot and fast?

Coffeware: Royal Rochester. 108-115 volts. Patented August 12, 1924. Have no clue of the age of the percolator.

originally posted on my instagram 11/6/18

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