Senryu : history in a cup

flip the saucer, look
made in occupied Japan
history revealed

senryu and photo by M. LaFreniere

Bottoms up. Coffee cups and saucers say where they made, little stories of when they were made.

This one says “made in occupied Japan:, meaning 1947-1952. Before those years, they were stamped “Nippon”, the Japanese name for their country. After that they read “Japan”, the English name for their country. But only if they are made to be exported.

A little tale of WWII, who fought, who won and what happened after.

For sale in Japan, the potteries use two or three kanji usually. During and right after the war, when supplies were hard to get and factories were damaged so quality went down for a period, some potteries created a different company name that they stamped on the bottom.  When they could once again produce at the quality that they could be proud of, they went back to stamping the original pottery name once again.

Coffee will share with you lots of knowledge if you sip and read.

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