Senryu : no need

Oh! No need to fear
with/without milk or sugar
Coffee is Here!

senryu by M. LaFreniere

Okay, you had to know I designed this mug.  I can hear you laughing!  I am too actually.  You know I had to do it.  It was too perfect that Zazzle had a “magic” mug.  When the hot liquid warms the mug, the dark background turns white revealing the lettering. It’s fun.

I did the video with hot water because when I tried to pour coffee with my left and film with my phone with my right hand, I made a mess. The attempt to film with my camera was even worse. At least with water, it’s a cleaner mess, lol.

The word “coffee” is customizable so people can change “coffee” into anything they like like tea or coffee — hey, I like tea too.  Or their favorite person. Or the person who gets everything done… or if you have a warped sense of humor, the person who gets nothing done…. hmmm …. nah, that wouldn’t be nice.  Unless they wouldn’t recognize sarcasm if it bit them.  … hmmmm … nah, still wouldn’t be nice.  (can’t help it, my warped sense of humor is tempered by not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings — which is a good thing, isn’t it?)

If you know someone who might like it, pass the word. It comes in 11oz and 15oz.  It’s a regular coffee mug so there is a handle but I put the lettering across the front so the handle is not visible from this view.

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