Senryu : Finding

Searching for murals
finding a friendly cafe
autumn latte gem

senryu by M. LaFreniere

I am sharing some posts from instagram and two from Cactus Catz from a walk I did Saturday, October 20th.  While a few of you follow either Catz or the Instagram, I thought maybe some of the others would enjoy the mural and cafe pics too.

From Cactus Catz, October 22nd:

Saturday, I wandered up South 6th Avenue, looking for murals. Found a cool one near 22nd Street. Google said the place was an auto repair place but it looked closed to me.  The mural was divided by a fence as most of it was inside an empty lot.  I love the right side of the mural outside the fence because it has that anime feel, plus I think they’re drinking coffee. Yay for coffee

Love the comic book style continuing across the left side but it’s morphed from an anime feel to more of a graphic novel complete with gritty characters. Just amazing. It’s pretty intense.  The blue writing on the bottom right says “Mo Better Time For Revolution”. Appropriately, “Revolution” is on the free side of the fence. You can see it in the right side photo of the mural up above.

Here’s a close-up of the eyes. Look at the texture of the building, the drips of paint, the eye tearing, the krinkly lines.

close-up of the middle. I feel like the gorilla in the hat is a beatup old journalist chasing his latest story with his faithful sidekick. Of course the artist probably had a different story in mind. That’s what I like about murals. They look like stories your mind makes up as you walk. What story do you see?

From Cactus Catz, Tummy Tuesday, October 23, 2018 (took out the latte pic since it’s up above and moved a paragraph a bit to fit the narrative)

After a couple of hours of walking looking for murals, I got hungry and stopped for a bite. I saw people walking in and out of a cafe and thought it might be a good bet. Once inside, 5 Points Market & Restaurant was bigger than I thought and busier so I sat at the bar which had the only open seats.  I’m not big on waiting when I’m hungry.

The friendly barista showed me these little terracotta orange cups she makes, perfect for espresso. I wanted to touch one as the outside looked textured, earthy rough and the white inside looked milky smooth. I love those kinds of contrasts. I wish I had that kind of talent. Then she made me a sublime fragrant latte complete with an autumn leaf. Oh I want this talent too!

The food is lovely, organic and local and they have a small market section in the back half of the restaurant where they sell the organic local produce. The menu board lists the farms where they get the foods from. I was a little curious as to how a salmon could be local but it looks like Naknek Family Fisheries has family in Alaska who fish as well as connections with other fisherman but they primarily distribute out of their winter home in Tucson.  Alaska Airlines let’s them ship fresh fish as long as it’s a minimum of 100 pounds.  That’s a lot of fish.

The bowl of smoked salmon chowder was the perfect lunch topped with a cool latte.  Looking at the board now, i notice they list a golden latte… my latte was very very good but I admit now I’m curious as to what a golden latte tastes like.

mmmm, happy!  Nothing like a hot soup on a windy day.

Sunday, October 21st, it stormed so I’m very glad I went exploring on Saturday.

I posted the photos first on instagram cactus_catz .  I’d love for you to follow me and I’ll follow you back.  If your instagram name is different from your blog name, let me know you came over from here if I don’t recognize you.

I am liking instagram a lot.  It’s perfect for me as it’s photography based.  I never could quite get into facebook.


1016 S. 6th Ave., Tucson, AZ

5 Points Market & Restaurant
756 S. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ

Naknek Family Fisheries

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